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Firewall Rules

Flex Cloud VM Control

Getting Started with Superb Flex Cloud

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Troubleshooting API Issues

Viewing Activity Logs

Virtual Server Operating Systems

Virtual Servers

VS Disks

Activity Logs show operations and requests that have been performed on your virtual servers/resources.  

To view your activity logs (the API method for retrieving logs is here: Logs) you will first need to log into myCP. Once logged in, click manage cloud servers.

Here you can chose to either view the logs of a specific machine by selecting your Virtual Servers (highlighted below)  and clicking on the label of the machine you want to view logs for.

Or you may also select Logs (highlighted below). This will show you a mixed log of all your servers.

You can filter your logs to show just complete, running or failed items.

To get details on specific log item click on the Ref #:



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